Ford F150 Mirror Replacement Guide: How To Fix Your Mirror By Yourself

There are any number of reasons why you may want to replace a side view mirror on your Ford F150 truck, but there is no need to pay a mechanic to do it for you.

Whether you need to replace a broken mirror, or upgrade to a new style, the procedure is a relatively uncomplicated affair.

All you need are some basic tools, some mechanical aptitude, and about an hour of free time.

While this guide provides basic guidelines on how to replace a mirror, it cannot give exact instructions due to the high number of F150 models on the roads today.

If you need more information, or need to see practical demonstrations of the steps outlined in this guide, watch the video down below.


Time required to replace a Ford F150 mirror.

Time required varies from model to model and your skill level, but a side view mirror replacement should not take longer than about 45 minutes.


Is it difficult to replace a Ford F150 mirror?

Almost anyone with a modicum of mechanical aptitude should be able to replace a mirror on any F150 truck without encountering any major issues or problems.

However, we recommend that you use an assistant to hold the door panel steady while you disconnect the wiring on the panel.


Special precautions required when replacing a Ford F150 mirror

No special precautions are required beyond making sure that you have the correct replacement mirror at hand, and that you take some care to avoid damaging the door panel when you are removing screws, fasteners, and trim clips.


Equipment required to replace a Ford F150 mirror

This list of required tools and equipment should cover all eventualities, but depending on the model of the truck and type of mirror, some additional items may be required.

  • Replacement mirror (Be aware that side view mirrors on F150 trucks are not interchangeable, and the replacement mirror must match the existing mirror in all respects, including the position of the mounting bolts and wiring.)
  • 3/8-inch drive socket set
  • Flat blade screwdrivers
  • Phillips screwdrivers
  • Door panel trim removal tool
  • Glass cleaner and lint-free rags


f150 door panel

Step 1: Remove all securing screws

The first step involves removing the door panel, but this is not as difficult as it sounds.

However, the door panels on almost all F150 trucks are different in the sense that their securing screws and clips are located in different places.

Certain trucks are harder than others.

The image you see is from BodyShopZone. It shows where the screws are for a 2008 Ford F150.

Start by looking for screws in obvious places, such as under arm rests and inside storage compartments.

Some screws may be hidden from view by small plastic trim discs or plugs that need to be pried out with a small flat-bladed screwdriver.

You may also need to remove the screws that secure trim panels under door pull handles. Remove all securing screws and place them aside.


Step 2: Unseat all retaining clips

With all screws removed, the door panel will still be secured to the door frame by plastic clips around the edges of the panel.

Slide the trim removal tool in between the bottom edge of the panel and the door frame, and use a gentle levering action to unseat the clips.

Unseat all the clips along the bottom of the door panel, before working your way up the sides of the panel.

Make sure all the clips are unseated before attempting to lift the door panel  away from the door frame.

WARNING: The prongs of the trim removal tool should ideally be placed on either side of the retaining clip to avoid damaging the soft material of the door panel.


Step 3: Disconnect all wiring

If you have an assistant, let the assistant hold the door panel steady while you reach in behind the panel to disconnect the wiring for the speakers, power windows, and other equipment where fitted.

Do not pull on the panel more than what is required to disconnect wiring; any force at this point could break wiring, or dislodge connections in the power window control module.

You may need to use a small flat-bladed screwdriver the unseat the securing clips on some electrical connectors, but do not use excessive force.

If the securing clips break, the connector may disengage due to vibration during normal driving.

NOTE: No two electrical connectors in the door cavity will be the same, so there is no possibility of getting the wiring mixed up during re-assembly. All connectors will only fit on their matching counterparts.



Step 4: Remove the mirror from the door

With all wiring disconnected, remove the door panel from the vehicle, but be sure to place it out of harm’s way to avoid accidental damage to it.

The nuts that secure the mirror to the door frame will now be visible, but before removing them with a suitable socket, disconnect all the wiring leading into the mirror.

Remove the securing nuts or bolts, but do not allow the mirror to fall to the ground- it may damage the paint work on the door on its way to the ground.

Keep a firm grip on the mirror at all times. With all the retaining nuts removed, pull the mirror away from the door and place it aside.


Step 5: Compare the old and new mirrors.

Compare the replacement mirror with the existing unit to confirm that it is identical in all respects, and that all required wiring is present.

If the replacement mirror incorporates a direction signal, check to see that a bulb of the correct type is fitted. If not, fit a bulb before fitting the mirror to the door.


Step 6: Reassemble the door

Fit the new mirror, connect its wiring, and replace the door panel in the exact reverse order of removal.

However, we recommend that you use an assistant to hold the door panel steady while you re-connect the wiring.

TIP: Test the new mirror to see that all adjustment controls, the heater for the glass (if fitted), and the direction signal works before you start to fasten the door panel to the door frame.

If something does not work, you will save a lot of time by merely disconnecting the wiring, instead of having to remove all the fasteners again.

If everything works, fully replace the door panel, use some glass cleaner to clean the mirror glass, and you’re back on the road.


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